Further 30 years, we are responsible for the production and sale of wines obtained with the grapes coming from the company vineyards that occupy a territory of about 30 hectares and with grapes coming exclusively from neighbouring grounds. A qualified production and in continuous evolution due to the exclusive use of the best bunches, to the traditional vinification to the use of modern equipment and scrupulous systems of working.

The company politics in all this time, it has been that one of favouring the quality, using natural methods be as far as it regards the cultivation of the vines be for this for that it concerns the working of the musts and the fermentation of the wine in bottle.

Our company is located in the heart of Val Nure, in the middle of sweet hills where the intervention of the man has gone melting in perfect balance with the morphology of the territory.

A place where the wine is always an integral part of the life of the persons who liven up these lands.

Each place, like each wine, has a history and a single geography that they can be known only covering it, visiting it, enjoying it. We have kept to the tradition in his most genuine aspects for the safeguard of the fascination and of the pleasure of tastes that are considered lost.

Come to us to find, you will be received in a structure at the familiar atmosphere and you will have the possibility of tasting our wines combined with cured pork and other typical products of the zone.











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